Episode 38: 1-year Anniversary for Ham Radio 2.0

Episode 38: 1-year Anniversary for Ham Radio 2.0

One year ago today is when I debuted this video podcast and named it “Ham Radio 2.0” with the release of Episode 2: DMR Presentation at the North Richland Hills Amateur Radio Club.  I’ll tell you more about how it came to be when you watch the video.

The first thing you might notice is that this is episode 38, but there is no episode 37.  Well I have an episode 37 that I will be posting next week – I planned to get it done previous to this video, but I ran behind on editing.  So these two episodes will debut out of order.

I also mention in the video that I will be giving away a radio.  The giveaway radio will be a Connect Systems CS800 Mobile DMR Radio.  To qualify to win this radio, no donation is needed.  Instead please share the link to this post on your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page.  The exact link to share is: http://tinyurl.com/jyqo58a.

Comment in the section below to let me know what you shared the link, and want to be entered into the drawing.  I will draw from the names of posters in the comment section on this blog on June 5.

Thanks to everyone who has supported my efforts for these videos, I am excited to see where the next year takes us.




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79 thoughts on “Episode 38: 1-year Anniversary for Ham Radio 2.0

  1. I just found your channel about a month ago. I just got my technician license a couple of weeks ago-KM6CHZ. Your videos have been helpful. Thanks. Please enter me in the drawing.

  2. Have watched your videos and following along your website. Congrats on the 1 year! Added the link to my facebook. Please enter me in the drawing. de KC9LOX

  3. Like your videos. I prefer the reviews of the radios and other product reviews especially the new DMR radios. Keep up the good work.

  4. Km4mcm Alvin Cantrell please enter me in drawing. I’ve really enjoyed your reviews and your the “how to” information.

  5. please include me in the drawing, I appreciate the videos and own 4 different chinese radios.

  6. Hey Jason, greetings from Tennessee. I really enjoy your videos and have been watching for quite some time. I’ve learned quite a bit about DMR from your channel and it has really sparked my interest in digital radios. I would appreciate it if you could add me to the drawing. Thanks and keep it up!


  7. I forgot to mention, I don’t have Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. But I did post a screenshot of this page, and the link above, to Instagram.


    1. Instagram works. I don’t have an account there, but if you posted a link, that is great. Thanks again for watching.

  8. Thanks for the great videos. I have shared the link on facebook. I have enjoyed learning about DMR and the reviews of radios other than just icom and yeasu. I think that one of the big faults of other ham radio shows is that they only show one brand (icom) in their videos.
    I look forward to seeing what comes next.

    1. Thanks Michael. Yea I wanted to review the ones that no one else was selling, and have those available since not many others carried them.

  9. Happy 1 year anniversary, Jason! Great job on the videos. Please throw my name/call in the hat – I shared the link.

  10. Hi… please add me to the drawing. I shared your link on my Facebook page. Love your videos and keep up the good work.

  11. Please add me to the drawing Jason. I am a new licensed ham only 5 days now. I started watching your videos to learn the radios.. I am blind and your descriptions help me alot.

  12. Thanks for all the great videos, they have been a great help for this newbie! BTW, I shared the video!

  13. I shared the link on Twitter. Please enter me in the drawing. I bought a junta I thanks for the info. You are doing great.

  14. Great job Jason! Been with since the beginning, and I believe even in the concept talks about this. Amazing g job! & of coarse enter me in the drawing..lol

  15. I shared it on my twitter and Facebook and Google Plus and I would like to enter please.

  16. Congrats on making it one year. Please enter me in the drawing and keep up the great work. Really enjoy watching your videos.

  17. Nice videos I enjoy watching you test out the Chinese radio and honestly there not all bad

  18. Jason,

    I would say you are doing a great job even if you didn’t give things away. I know I look forward to each episode and and seeing what you have coming up.

    I hope you get to do a live stream, that would be fun. I wish you continued growth and success with the podcast.

    1. Thanks Chris, I’ve really enjoyed doing the series and I have some cool plans for the next year. The live stream is something I am working on, for sure.

  19. I just found your site. I’m taking the Technician test next month and viewed Ep 35 to supplement my studying. Good stuff! Please enter me in your drawing.

  20. Hey there Jason!
    Great videos. I just came across your videos a few days ago, and I really enjoy them. I like your program style and perspectives on Ham Radio 2.0. It’s great to find information about these new radios. Please add me to the drawing, and keep up th egreat work!
    73 de KD9EBZ

  21. I just found your websites and videos doing some research on DMR. Very nicely done, and very informative. I also appreciate the instructional videos on the Chinese radios. Thanks so much!

    73 DE KK4KRK

    Karl Kaucher

  22. I love your 2.0 videos. I hope that you can come to the RATS Frostfest in Richmond, Va. some February. It’s a well organized one day event and a lot of fun. Please enter me in your drawing.
    Thanks and 73
    Tony AA4TG

    1. Thanks for watching, Tony.
      I had planned to come to Frostfest last year, but it didn’t work out. I wasn’t able to get ahold of the leaders of the show a couple of months before the show date. I did trade some emails with them about 4-6 months before the date, and they were very responsive, but then they just stopped replying. Not sure if their email system was having issues, or what the problem was.
      Also that is a very long drive for me, but its possible I will fly to the event next year and maybe do a video
      73 and thanks again

  23. As a brand new Ham I really need that great radio. I posted on Facebook about this video. I love the unboxing videos also. Keep up the great work Jason.

  24. Thanks for your efforts. Enjoyed watching the Tech class videos… just one more resource for those wanting their ham ticket.

    Please enter me into the drawing!

  25. I really like the downloads you have on your site, the prebuilt files did help a ton.
    I would also like to get another cs800 from you, please put me in the drawing.

  26. Hey add me to the drawing. Love the stuff you do keep up the good work thanks Jason. Equipment is working well waiting for the snow to melt so the repeater can go up. 73

    Peter N7TDJ

  27. Hi. Just love to watch the show. Great down-to-earth coverage of all things Ham Radio!
    Jim – WA3NOA

  28. Your videos made me eventually buy an MD-380 and got my feet wet in DMR! Love it so far! Thanks for what you do on here! I will be sharing the link on my Facebook, Twitter and Goodle+ pages.

  29. I’m new to the HAM radio scene. I’m 57yrs old, and want to start a big hobby. I appreciate your videos, and enjoying it. I’m Glad I stumbeled across it.

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