Episode 78: Connecting AREDN and BBHN into one happy network

Another episode from the Cowtown Hamfest in January of 2017.

Mark, KD5RXT, gives this forum about connecting routers with BBHN and the new AREDN firmware into 1 network.  I personally am not a huge proponent of this because the Linksys Routers has much less memory and aren’t made for outdoor applications like Ubiquiti routers are.  However, if you are setting up a short-range network in a building or house, I can see the advantage.  But take a look at Mark’s presentation and let me know what you think.

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3 Responses to “Episode 78: Connecting AREDN and BBHN into one happy network”

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  1. Mark J Culross says:


    Thank you for posting my presentation on Connecting AREDN and BBHN into One Happy Network. If anyone wishes to download any of the presentation slides or the associated documents referenced, both can be found at the following Google Drive share: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B5VgF0NYq64nVHBGZUlHZHNFSEk

    Mark J Culross


  1. […] https://www.livefromthehamshack.tv/2017/01/30/episode-78-connecting-aredn-bbhn-one-happy-network/ ————————– Mark – KD5RXT shares his instructions for making a MESH network comprised of both AREDN and BBHN devices. Recorded at the Cowtown Hamfest in Ft. Worth Texas, January 2017 […]

  2. […] how to setup the AREDN firmware on a brand new Ubiquiti NanoStation, right out of the box.  Episode 78 was also a presentation from the Cowtown Hamfest in Ft. Worth that talked about AREDN […]

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