Episode 304: Lessons Learned with Ham Radio and YouTube | YouTubers Bunch #8

Episode 304: Lessons Learned with Ham Radio and YouTube | YouTubers Bunch #8

In this next installment from the YouTubers Bunch for Ham Radio, we discussed lessons that we have learned while operating Ham Radio. Lessons from building antennas, activating POTA or SOTA, different radio selections, etc. We also talk about lessons YouTube has taught us about Ham Radio and how we like to share those lessons on our YouTube channels.


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2 thoughts on “Episode 304: Lessons Learned with Ham Radio and YouTube | YouTubers Bunch #8

  1. Hi, Jason:

    I found your very clever online roundtable on YouTube tonight. I so wanted to join in the chat about ARRL and its recent parting with WB2ITX (the ceo). I carried on a lengthy correspondence with him, trying to offer some advice about things ARRL sorely needs to do. I should tell you that I am qualified to offer advice, since I was licensed in 1955, have worked all my life as a technology marketing consultant, have 24 books to my credit, and know what I found he did not. I will gladly send you copies of the letters, since I believe you guys have the right stuff and will like what I was suggesting. All I ask is a better email address, so I can send them as attachments from my emailbox (scriblrr@gmail.com).

    Michel came from IEEE through a head-hunter. He thought ARRL was “like” IEEE. (Maybe, but only a little.) I encouraged him to survey the membership and do a new strategic plan that would embrace all the many interests members have. Beacuse I am an OLD writer in Electronics, I also encouraged him to restore the inflow of young members by making ARRL the place to come to LEARN fascinating electronics, radio, building projects, and experimenting. Years back, we had Popular Electronics, and 10 other publications I wrote for, all of which brought a rich harvest of young people to ham radio’s door. All the publishers and editors were dear friends of mine. One by one, they died…and there were no giants to replace them…so the publications ceased. And so did Radio Shack. And there went the feedline that had brought so many hams to our ranks.

    Michel replied, but kept his own counsel and thereby showed his narcissism. Too bad. It was that that got him fired.

    Please send me the email address and I will send you our correspondence.

    George J. Whalen NY9A (formerly K2BIE)

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