Episode 287: Anytone AT-D578UV Pro DMR Mobile Radio | First Look!

Episode 287: Anytone AT-D578UV Pro DMR Mobile Radio | First Look!

The long awaited AT-D578UVIII Pro Radio is here for DMR Mobile Users. This feature-packed “Pro” model includes GPS, APRS and Bluetooth, and for Operators in the USA, it also includes the 1.25M 220MHz band. Let’s take a first look at this radio, how to update the firmware, attempting to load a codeplug, and some power output tests in this first, but certainly not last, episode.


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2 thoughts on “Episode 287: Anytone AT-D578UV Pro DMR Mobile Radio | First Look!

  1. I do have to point out a few things, you just get my goat going.
    Part 97 does require you to ID yourself on your Transmissions. I get perturbed when people have to test on the National Calling Frequency. Try an unused un-monitored channel instead. It’s called being a “gentleman” which you should promote and be the model for all ham radio operators. You are just perpetuating the stereotype of the uncaring operator.

    Your Podcasts are generally good, but you need to edit your broadcasts as you are putting me to sleep. You need to be GREAT if you expect more people to watch what I could have done in 20% of the time. It’s all in the preparation. I did broadcast radio for 17 years and if I was not prepared, my audience let me have it! That’s my 2 cents…sorry for being so direct, but that’s what is on my mind.

    Good luck.

    1. Thanks for your input. But as I stated in the video, I was transmitting into a dummy load. It is doubtful that the transmission made it out of my back yard.

      Also, YouTube is not broadcast TV. This show, along with many others, isn’t scripted or edited to the point of being fake. It is real. These are real problems that real people face, and I tell them how to get around it. Believe me when I tell you that I get many more positive comments about my content and how I prepare it, than I do negative ones. If you don’t like the format, that is OK too – but the reason that the channel DOES grow (check the subscriber count if you have doubts) is because it is real content and not a scripted production.

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