Episode 145: Kickstarter for the 2018 TAPR DCC

Episode 145: Kickstarter for the 2018 TAPR DCC

I’m honored to have been invited to travel to Albuquerque this year and attend the TAPR Digital Communications Conference.

In previous years, Gary KN4AQ from HamRadioNow has recorded this conference, but he has stepped back from recording Ham Radio videos.  So this year, I have scheduled a trip to ABQ to record these videos with plans to later post them to my YouTube channel.

The below video, along with the following link, is my Kickstarter Campaign that I’ve launched in order to pay for costs, that will allow me to post these videos later on.  I’d appreciate any help that you, the viewer, can provide.  This will enable me to promote this video series, post some great new videos to this channel, and open future opportunities for more videos of this type.

Kickstart Campaign

ARRL Announcement about this initiative


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