Episode 140: 2018 Hamvention Follow-Up

Episode 140: 2018 Hamvention Follow-Up

Today I get to catch up with Mike, W8CI, and Jack, WB8SCT, from the Dayton Hamvention Administration team.  We talk about the 2018 Hamvention, what was good and what was learned, and plans for next year.  Dayton is the biggest Hamfest in the USA, and perhaps the world, and I am honored that Mike and Jack took the time to talk to me over Skype and allow this interview.  I hope you enjoy it.


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2 thoughts on “Episode 140: 2018 Hamvention Follow-Up

  1. Not my type of interview about Dayton HamVention. Dayton is about radio and gear, not beer or meeting people, IMHO. sorry did not hear more about the tail gating and flea market, the main reason Hams go to Dayton. Sounds like HamRadio2.0 is not so much into real Ham Radio. When ask about what he liked or did not said little about Ham Radio and radio gear. If I did not know about Dayton like someone just getting into Ham Radio, the interview would make me wonder why all the hype about Dayton.

    1. Well that’s your prerogative. If you listened, I said I liked talking with people face-to-face more than anything. But that is what makes Ham Radio great – there are things for everyone.

      I like seeing the new gear also, but this year, there really wasn’t any. Yaesu and Kenwood had phantom HF rigs under glass that we could look at, but not touch. Icom had the IC-7610, but its been out for a few months. Flex and Elecraft have new items that were released several months ago also. So some years it is about the new gear, and some years it is more about the fellowship with other Hams. I personally like the fellowship better because more people go to Dayton than any other show. You can see new gear at multiple Hamfests throughout the year.

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