Dayton Hamvention 2017

The 2017 Hamvention was actually at a new venue this year, located in Xenia, OH at the Greene County Fairgrounds.  This was my 3rd time to attend the Hamvention, but my first time to have an actual table dedicated to my video series.  I had a blast – it was an excellent show (despite the weather), I had lots of fun, met some good people, and I am certainly planning to go back next year.

A special thanks to the guys at BridgeCom Systems who allowed me to share a booth with them, which saved me some expenses.

I am trying something new with this episode – it will be split up into multiple segments (Part 1, Part 2, etc).  This is to allow you, the viewer, to pick which interviews you want to watch, and not have to sit through a 2-hour episode just to see one interview.  Of course, I hope that you are willing and able to watch them all, and provide feedback, but some topics might not interest everyone.  This way, you can watch what you want, and all the videos are shorter than a normal episode.

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Part 1 is the opening sequence, some live footage I shot, and a collection of photos

Download Audio-only link

Part 2 is my interview with MFJ about new products

Download Audio-only link

Part 3 is my interview with Tim from BridgeCom Systems

Download Audio-only link

Part 4 is my interview with Dave from RadioSport Headsets

Download Audio-only link

Parts 5 & 6 are combined for short interviews with Buddipole and RFinder

Download Audio-only link

Part 7 is my interview with Cale from HamRadio360 and closing comments

Download Audio-only link

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