Episode 73: Yaesu System Fusion Demo – Interfacing the HRI200 into WIRESx

Yaesu System Fusion Demo – Interfacing the HRI200 into WIRESx

Yaesu’s System Fusion is one of the newer digital modes in Amateur Radio today – but don’t be fooled, it isn’t the only answer for digital besides DSTAR.  Even so, it does have some cool features to it, and some aspects that aren’t available in DMR, and a sound quality that is better than DSTAR.

Yaesu’s System Fusion, along with DMR, both is the DVSI hardware chip and the AMBE2+ vocoder.  Some of the newer DMR models are using the AMBE3000 vocoder, but it is compatible with the 2+ one.  This is why the FDMA from Fusion, and TDMA from DMR, sound so similar.  Even the new Kenwood D74A DSTAR Radio uses the AMBE2+ vocoder, so DSTAR is catching up to DMR.

In this video I show how to setup your WIRESx software to connect to a radio running the HRI200 interface box, and login to a WIRESx room.  I do a QSO with another ham on the 21363 N. Texas I35 corridor room (name TBD soon) and talk about coverage for our area in North Texas.

If you’re interested in System Fusion, you should enjoy this video.

Purchase the Yaesu FTM-100DR Radio here

Purchase the HRI200 Interface Device here

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  1. Darren Leffler N9RHG says:

    Here is the link that you mentioned that you would leave. It is the UDRC

    I have also found this.

    Darren N9RHG


  1. […] https://www.livefromthehamshack.tv/2…system-fusion-demo-interfacing-hri200-wiresx/ ——————————– In this episode, I connect my HRI200 WIRESx interface box to my FTM-100DR Fusion radio and do some QSOs. There is a new room for North Texas repeaters that is being used for linking, so I display the connection to this room also. […]

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