Episode 90: DMR 101 (Greater Houston Hamfest Forum)

Episode 90: DMR 101 (Greater Houston Hamfest Forum)

DMR 101

This is a Forum on DMR that I have given previously, and posted on this series, but it has evolved over time.  I wanted to record the latest version and call it “DMR 101” because I plan to record another episode soon which I will title “DMR 201”, so that I can talk to an audience that is experienced with DMR.  DMR is growing rapidly, and it is the most active all-digital mode in Amateur Radio today.  You really can’t have too many videos about it 😉

Comments are welcome.  A special thanks to the folks down at the Greater Houston Hamfest, who allowed me to present this forum and record it.  I’m looking forward to attending that show again next year.


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2 thoughts on “Episode 90: DMR 101 (Greater Houston Hamfest Forum)

  1. I have been a Ham for 25 years but unaware of DMR. Do you have a beginners episode? Something from scratch? When you get away from voice, am lost. Never heard of p25 either.
    Thank you
    Rex, N8RNA

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