Episode 62: Unboxing and Programming the BaofengTech UV-5X3 Triband

Episode 62: Unboxing and Programming the BaofengTech UV-5X3 Triband

uv-5x31lgThe BaofengTech UV-5X3

This is the new Triband radio from BaofengTech, dubbed the BTECH UV-5X3, which incorporates the 220MHz band along with the normal 2M/440 bands that we are all used to seeing.

A special thanks to Todd and the folks out of BaofengTech.com for allowing me to review this radio.

At first glance, this radio looks much like the UV-5R – it has the same menus, same display, and same dual-watch and dual standby readout.  But then they have added the 1.25M Amateur Band to the radio, so while it is still just dual-watch and dual-receive, you can receive 2 of either of the 3 bands.

The radio comes with an antenna that is marked for 2M/440 only, so I suggest picking up the Nagoya NA-320A Triband Antenna.  This will provide you with a better TX/RX capability, plus it is a true triband antenna.

Take a look at this video to demonstrate how to program the radio from the front panel, and also for an on-air test on both the 220 and 440 bands with a couple of QSOs on local repeaters.

You can purchase this radio from the following link:

BTECH UV-5X3 Triband HT

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7 thoughts on “Episode 62: Unboxing and Programming the BaofengTech UV-5X3 Triband

  1. Like all Baofengs, there is a menu setting which you need to change to get rid of the “roger beep” type of dead time after you key the radio. Set Menu #36 RP-STE to OFF, and it will get rid of that.


  2. What whip did you have on that unit? I’m a newb. And if I can pass the exam I hope to have my license soon. So I’ll need a good antenna for my Baofeng.

    1. The BTECH is better. I had high hopes for the Wouxun, but all the birdies and harmonics in it kinda ruined it for me.

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