YouTubers Hamfest 2020

Join myself and 8 other Ham Radio YouTube Channels as we livestream the largest virtual Ham Radio show EVER attempted! Be sure to support my sponsors, who make this series possible: – Gifts 4 Hams – R&L Electronics – Buy Two Way Radios Full Playlist – Follow Me: YouTube Facebook […] Read more »

Episode 378: Bridgecom Systems Interview with N0REY for the YouTubers Hamfest Prequel

Today I get to sit down and talk with Daniel, N0REY, from Bridgecom Systems about their repeaters, package radio deals, and Bridgecom University video series that teaches you how to setup and use your DMR Radio. Be sure to support my sponsors, who make this series possible: – […] Read more »

Episode 376: FlexRadio Interview with VA3MW for the YouTubers Hamfest

As a prequel to the YouTubers Hamfest, today I sit down with Michael, VA3MW from FlexRadio Systems and talk about the FlexRadio 6400, pricing, SmartSDR and the overall greatness of the platform. Take a look! FlexRadio – YouTubers Hamfest – Be sure to support my sponsors, who make […] Read more »

Episode 371: YouTubers Hamfest Progress and Planning Updates – YTB #15

The YouTubers Hamfest is moving along with some great plans for interviews and presentations from lots of vendors whose names you will recognize. Join the YouTubers Bunch today to talk about how everything is moving along and what you can expect to see on that day, May 23rd. Be […] Read more »