Episode 308: RFinder B1 Android Dual Band DMR Radio | First Look!

Episode 308: RFinder B1 Android Dual Band DMR Radio | First Look!

RFinder B1 Android Dual Band DMR Radio, new from RFinder is their first dual band unit that covers 2M/440 on both DMR and analog. This is an overview video to show how the unit physically looks, but also includes some shots of the menus and use of the internal radio. Take a look and comment below!

Find more info at https://rfinder.net


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4 thoughts on “Episode 308: RFinder B1 Android Dual Band DMR Radio | First Look!

  1. Rather than preach chapter and verse, i would rather say cherchunking the repeater is not good amateur radio practice. Since many new ham are watching this video, we should be using proper procedure I.A.W. the rules ( must id at the end of every transmission and every 10 minutes)
    we in our area, had a lot of issues with users not identifying. Since we make it a practice to ID everytime we bring up the repeater the cerechunkinh has gone way down and we have had a much nicer, cleaner repeater.
    Yes i know we are all guilty of cerchuking a repeater ( me included), but i am ware when i do it and correct myself by going back on an sending my ID
    really nice video series, i have watched several. Keep up the great work and selection of topics

    1. You are not wrong, and I do not disagree. What you did not see, because I didn’t include it in the video, was my keying the repeater and asking if it was in use, then stating that I was about to do some radio testing with it. I didn’t include that in the video because it would have just been extra time that wasn’t relevant to the review of the B1 device. But I do agree with what you are saying. Thanks for watching and commenting.

  2. Let’s get a review of the audio quality on the B1 device. How does it sound on the air, compared to other popular 2m/70cm handhelds? The RFinder concept is clear and very nice. I’m sure the device works well on DMR. But how does it sound on analog FM?

    1. Great idea. You will see several more videos on the B1 upcoming in this channel. FM audio is great, that is actually the easy part, LOL.

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