Episode 136: 3-Year Anniversary Video

Episode 136: 3-Year Anniversary Video

3-years ago today I put up the first video with the title of “Ham Radio 2.0: Live From the Hamshack”

I’ve had a great time making this series into a very fun adventure through Amateur Radio, and I thank all of the viewers and supporters who have been there to see it grow.  I look forward to the next year and am hoping for even bigger things to happen!

73 to all!


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60 thoughts on “Episode 136: 3-Year Anniversary Video

  1. Hi Jason,
    Hey my name is William (Houston, Tx) KF5SFS.
    Here’s the link:


    William Keller
    May 2, 6:36 PM
    Hello my name is William (KF5SFS) If you are a ham or not please go to this site and view this video (136: 3-Year anniversary. Jason (KC5HWB) has a great site with all sorts of Ham radio reviews. He also sells ham radios and other ham related items too.. TONS!!!! of information on this site. *****HAM RADIO 2.0********
    73’s to all

    Ham Radio 2.0: Episode 136:

  2. Hi! I have an old radio, which isn’t great for a hearing impaired person. A digital radio would be GREAT! I’m not sure I’ve got the right link, but I posted your video on my FB page at https://www.facebook.com/linda.mihay Thanks for your consideration. I’m Linda Mihay W5ULY, in N TX.

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