Hamcom 2017

Hamcom is the ARRL West Gulf Division Convention, and it is located right here in the Dallas / Ft Worth area of North Texas.  It is about a 20-minute drive from Grapevine.

This year was my first year to setup a booth specifically to promote my video series.  The commercial booths are expensive, but, especially since this show is basically in my back yard, I thought it would be a good idea to spend the money and promote this series to lots of Hams who are familiar with the show and might have some good ideas about new episodes.

In this episode, I get to chat with Fred, WD5ERD, who is one of the directors of Hamcom.  Also we talk with Jay, W5GM, who is the new North Texas Section Manager for the ARRL.  Jay has some great ideas on educating new hams and growing interest in Amateur Radio around North Texas.

These interviews are my favorite part of a Hamfest.  I’d love to do more of them.  If you have a Hamfest that you want publicized and advertised on this YouTube series, please contact me.



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