Episode 118: Ailuance HD-1 Dual Band DMR Debut

Ailuance HD-1

A little bit later to the show, the Ailuance (however you pronounce this name) has a new HT that isn’t like the others.

Everyone knows about the TYT MD-2017 and Retevis RT-82 radios, which are essentially the same.  Anytone is also coming strong onto the scene with its AT-D868UV Dual Band HT, which is probably a contender for the top-spot of dual band DMR HTs.

Unlike the TYT/Retevis models, the HD-1 allows for easier FPP (front panel programming).  Yes, the TYT/Retevis version will also allow you to FPP, but with the HD-1, there are fewer steps, and fewer menus.  It is just plain easier, in my opinion.

In this video, I go through and program the HT, all without a computer hookup at all.  The issue is dual-receive is still in question, and will be discussed in one of my next episodes.



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7 Responses to “Episode 118: Ailuance HD-1 Dual Band DMR Debut”

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  1. JmacalinoJr says:

    Great Show Jason……

  2. Curtis Robertson says:

    Jason, just watched ep. 118 and got to looking around for the HD-1. The Retevis website has a pre-sale price of $189. http://www.retevis.com/ailunce-hd1-dual-band-dmr-digital-radio
    Thanks for taking the time to go over all of these new radios. It seems that there is at least one new radio coming out from someone every week!! I’m sure that keeps you busy!!
    Thanks again for all you do for all of us!!

  3. Tom says:

    So I have a question. Again I am new to HAM, only about 2 months, and I work in the EMS field. I am really looking for a nice single portable that handles all my needs and interests. So I want something that is DMR, dual band and field programmable (for FM stations mainly) is nice but not a must as I also have a boafeng. But the future that I really want is zones, like how the HT1250 has. This is important for me because the ambulances I ride in covers north and south jersey and often doesnt have all the towns programmed in or are outdated. So right now I use my boafeng to communicate with the towns as we are responding. Having zones would make it easier for me to keep channels organized as I move from post to post. Plus it would allow me to have HAM repeaters set into the zones as well as I move around the state. So with that said does the HD1, rt82 or md2017 handle zones? If not is their another radio you think I should look into? Thanks for your show and taking the time to answer this question. Tom KD2ODN

  4. Mark Eldridge AB8SX says:

    Hey Jason……love the videos on these new DMR radios. Awesome to be able to get such a good look and review at them ahead of time. As for as the Ailunce and how to pronounce……..lol……..I found this little “how to pronounce” video at this link:


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