General Class

General Class



For the 2019-2023 Element 3 General License Class upgrade question pool, I was able to, once again, record the Hurst Amateur Radio Club’s live training class, and I am happy to be able to present it to you here on YouTube. These classes are very popular on my channel, so if you are looking to upgrade to General, watch this episode and the ones that follow.

The study questions and materials in this class will follow the W5YI Study Guide, found here:

This is a multi-video course, so start with the first episode and work your way forward from there.  Good luck!



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One thought on “General Class

  1. I’ve been studying with your course on getting the Tech license and love it because of the format. Chris does a great job of explaining the whys of each answer in a very casual way that doesn’t make me feel like I’m back in school listening to a boring teacher. My retention has been very good with this format.Sad to say, I was disappointed there isn’t a class for the new general class question pool. Any plans to do such a thing in the near future?


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