Episode 180: Cowtown Hamfest 2019

Cowtown Hamfest

The Cowtown Hamfest is the first hamfest every year in the North Texas area. It is also the North Texas Section Convention for the ARRL, so lots of good information is presented during this hamfest each year.

We tried running a live-stream on Saturday morning this year, but the internet didn’t cooperate with us. Instead we recorded this episode which I am posting now. Thanks to the folks at the Cowtown Hamfest for allowing us to record videos during the show this year.

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One Response to “Episode 180: Cowtown Hamfest 2019”

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  1. Steve says:


    Even though not a Live stream is was neat to watch you & Frank chat for a bit

    I wish I had come by and said hello to your Fans, next time I will give you more than you probably want 🙂

    Also thanks again for doing the Interview of Myself & Ken

    Steven Lott Smith
    Candidate for ARRL NTX Section Manager

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