Episode 79: What is a Raspberry Pi (for Ham Radio)?

Episode 79: What is a Raspberry Pi (for Ham Radio)?

What is a Raspberry Pi?

I mentioned in my Welcome to 2017 video that I was going to do some new videos about technologies which touch on Amateur Radio, but aren’t necessarily radio products.  The Raspberry Pi is a perfect example.

There are so many things you can do with an RPi for Amateur Radio.  My plan is to dive into several of these, and do some show-and-tell with different projects that I build in upcoming episodes.

Here are some links to get RPi products:


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3 thoughts on “Episode 79: What is a Raspberry Pi (for Ham Radio)?

  1. Jason my friend Ted https://github.com/ke6yjc/aprs-beacon created a python program to run on your hot spot and by adding a 15 $ usb gps device
    the program updates the I gate directly via WiFi connected to hot spot with the hot spot location

    See Ka7qqv-7 on aprs fi over the last week

    How dose that sound as a raspberry pi project

    the project is beta now
    as you see raw data has how many satellites are in view 13 and last talk group you talked on
    in my case dv mega TG 3102 information collected from dvmega Log

    Raw data APRS,TCPIP*,qAU,T2EISBERG:!/;HsV/\!zvXZ[Exp Pi APRS-IS Beacon | Sats: 13 | LH: TG 31062
    Is that cool..

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