Episode 88: Debut of the TDR-6100 Mobile DMR Radio

Texas Digital Radio TDR-6100

Texas Digital Radio is the newest 45-watt UHF Mobile DMR Radio on the market.  Information from this website will tell you about all the features of the radio, plus some options that aren’t available on other DMR radios, currently.

Every time a new DMR radio is released, I like to be there to test it.  This one was very enjoyable.  In fact, I plan to put my test model in one of my cars upcoming, and use it on a daily basis.  I’ll be doing an episode later on with the mobile setup, so you will see this radio again, soon.

For anyone interested in purchasing this transceiver, you can find it at the Main Trading Company website.  A direct link to the radio page is here.

This radio is currently only monoband UHF or VHF, but they are working on a dual band version.  Hopefully we will see several dual band DMR radios by the time Dayton is here.


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  1. Mike Murphy says:


    I just bought one of these (for a very good price) and am looking for updated firmware.

    I’m not seeing anything on the internet about this rig other than your site.

    Anything you can tell me will help.


    Mike – KI8R

    PS – We had dinner together at Dayton this year with Chris and the guys from Buddipole.


  1. […] https://www.livefromthehamshack.tv/2017/04/03/episode-88-debut-tdr-6100-mobile-dmr-radio/ ——————————– From Texas Digital Radio comes the UHF DMR/Analog 45-watt mobile transceiver. Very similar to the Connect Systems radio, but with more optional features. In this video, I will show how to build a codeplug, and we will see what the radio sounds like while listening to the Texas Statewide DMR Net. […]

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