Episode 45 – Intro to System Fusion and Wires-X Integration at HamCom 2016

System Fusion and Wires-X Integration From HamCom 2016, Cevan Twilley, K5ORN, presents an introduction to Yaesu’s System Fusion Digital format, and shows how to integrate your radios with Wires-X, which is their internet linking application. Discussion of the Yaesu System Fusion radios, both handheld and mobiles, along with features of […] Read more »

Episode 16: Fusion Tech Talk at Hurst Amateur Radio Club

This video represents one of the reasons I created Ham Radio 2.0. This is a TECH TALK done at the Hurst Amateur Radio Club in September of 2015. The subject is Yaesu Fusion. David, KD5YDU, presents a great  demonstration and explanation of Yaesu’s System Fusion for Amateur Radio. Tech Talks […] Read more »