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Ham Radio 2.0 reaches thousands of amateur radio operators with each new episode, and the episode H2.0_180x180is available on YouTube and our website forever, meaning a sponsored ad would forever live in the video. These hams are interested in “what is new in Amateur Radio?” ; be it antennas, radios, custom callsign merchandise, or books and magazines.

Pricing for advertising will consist of a 125×125 ad on this website, plus a short audio commercial in one or more episodes per month. Pricing levels can vary between website links and the number of videos you would like your ad to appear in. Ham Radio 2.0 is almost 3 years old and growing strong, surpassing 10,000 YouTube subscribers in February of 2018. Contact me today for a special quote on advertising in my videos.

Thanks for supporting Ham Radio 2.0. If you have any questions about a website link or commercial segment in a video, please e-mail me.

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