Episode 135: Comparing the Openspot and Nanospot Hotspots

The SharkRF Openspot is, by far, the most popular micro-repeater hotspot for Amateur Radio, mostly due to the ease of use and the fact that it’s been out for about 2 years.  Recently, Micro-node released another device, called the Nanospot, that is closer in price to the Openspot than their other hotspot devices.

In this video I talk about the differences between these 2 devices.  Both work very well and I would recommend either one to someone needing a hotspot device for the different digital modes available in Amateur Radio.

For a popular Nanospot setup video, visit Eric’s Video from HamRadioConcepts



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Episode 134: Comparing the RFinder K1 and M1 Devices

Ever since my first interview video with Bob, W2CYK, I have been using the RFinder device as my daily carry radio.  I’ve used the H1, M1 and now the K1 devices.  This video compares the newest K1 to the previous M1 device.

These Android DMR phones are the type of futuristic devices that we will be seeing more and more in Amateur Radio as time goes on.  There are already a few companies trying to copy this device, mostly from China.  The good thing about the RFinder is that it is designed and supported in the USA, and updates all come from the USA.  It is a device that I believe in and will continue to use.

Android DMR Website


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Episode 133: DMR CBridge Introduction

Introduction to a CBridge Control Center for DMR Repeater routing. The CBridge was the first, and is still the most powerful, solution for routing DMR repeaters over the internet and connecting them together to form talkgroups and networks. In this episode I will explain what a CBridge does, how it works, and show what it looks like. Expect more episodes like this upcoming.


My CBridge list, with talkgroups and repeaters – CBridge.hamradio2.com

BridgeCom Systems ANRS-DMR Software.


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Episode 132: Greater Houston Hamfest 2018

A special thanks to Mike and Rick, and all the folks from the Greater Houston Hamfest for putting on another great show this year.  In this video I get to interview Mike about the Hamfest details, and Rick, N5KJN, and Houston Area DMR, which is growing rapidly.


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Episode 131: Adadiana Hamfest in Rayne, LA

A special thanks to the guys out in Rayne, LA with the AARA club, who administer the Hamfest in Rayne, LA.  This was my first time to attend this show, and it was a good one to add to the books.  I enjoyed seeing lots of the big names there, and I was able to capture some video footage of several vendors performing karaoke one night after dinner.  Look for that in an upcoming episode.

Below is the video I recorded that talks about the Hamfest, its history, and who it is run by.  I’ll enjoy your comments on the video below.


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Episode 130: 10,000 Subscribers on YouTube!

Thanks to YOU, I have reached 10,000 subscribers on YouTube!  What an honor – I know that 10,000 isn’t a huge number as far as lots of YouTube shows are concerned, and it isn’t the largest Ham Radio show either, but for me – basically just a ham operator with a camera – it is special.  I still can’t believe how well this show has done from the start, and how it continues to grow.  It is because of YOU, the VIEWER, that the show does so well.  I am just sharing information with you, I don’t have anything special to really bring to the table, other than a love for Amateur Radio.

I hope to see this series continue to expand.  I’m loving the ride, for sure!

Comment here for a chance to win the DMR Mobile radio shown in the video…


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