Episode 116: Main Trading Company Homecoming 2017

Main Trading Company Homecoming 2017

I’ll be posting this video in 3 parts –

Part 1: These Road-Trip videos have been very well received, so far – I’ve gather lots of good feedback about the last few vids I’ve done On The Road. I decided to break-up this video into 3 parts, due to length. This is The Passage to Paris, my Road Trip video while driving from Grapevine to Paris, TX for the MTC Homecoming 2017

Part 2: Interviews with Richard from MTC and Emmett from Radiowaves, along with shots of the festivities and some drone footage.

Part 3: The final prize-drawing ceremony and the winner of a brand new Icom IC-7610 HF Rig.



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Episode 115: Bound for Belton 2: Texas Nexus and MJARS 220 QSOs

Another “on the road” video, once again driving down to the Belton HamExpo, the only Hamfest in Texas to support 2 shows each year. This is a great tailgate event that is enjoyed by many in this area.

On this trip, I get to catch up with a few guys from the MJARS club on their newly updated 220MHz BridgeCom Repeater, and I also have a few QSOs on the Texas Nexus WIRESx room with Yaesu System Fusion.

The Texas Nexus room, which I have used only a few times, is comprised of Yaesu System Fusion repeaters, many of which are running in digital-only model, all connected to a single WIRESx “room” called The Texas Nexus.  “Rooms” in WIRESx are similar to Talkgroups in DMR and Reflectors in DSTAR.

On this trip, I was able to change repeaters only twice, and talk in the same Room to all the same folks, during my 2-hour trek from Grapevine to Belton.  A very nice system.

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Episode 114: Introduction to an Allstar Node

In this episode I discuss what is needed to setup your first Allstar node.  Mostly I talk about hardware, and the OS that I am currently using.  Some later episodes will include more permanent nodes and perhaps a setup of the Allstar app from scratch.

Links to the items I speak of in this episode:


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Episode 113: Unboxing the Testing the BridgeCom BCH-270 HT

This is a nice new HT from BridgeCom Systems, the BCH-270.  A very rugged little radio, with great audio quality.  Today I test the power output and do some on-air QSOs.

Enter comments below for a chance to win this radio.  Watch the video for details.


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Episode 112 – State of the Hamshack

My 2017 ‘State of the Hamshack’ for Ham Radio 2.0.

Basically in this episode, I talk about what I am been doing in Amateur Radio lately, and what I have planned for the future.  It’s been 2 weeks since I have posted a video, which was unintentional.  I want to talk about where I am been, and what my plans are for the future.

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Episode 111 – BaofengTech UV-50X2 Power Testing

BaofengTech UV-50X2

This is a short video on the BaofengTech UV-50X2, which has been out for a while, but still seems to be a popular radio.  With the power tests performed here, I think this would be a great addition to any vehicle needing a VHF/UHF radio.  Check out the video below


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