Episode 146: BTECH U25D Amplifier Debut

From BaofengTech, a 25-watt amplifier that will also handle TDMA for DMR transmissions.  Use your HT in the car, with an external antenna, and reach out as far as a mobile radio.  In this video, I will do some power testing of this new unit.

For purchase information, follow this link:

BTECH AMP-U25D Amplifier (Supports DMR) UHF (400-480MHz)


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Episode 145: Kickstarter for the 2018 TAPR DCC

I’m honored to have been invited to travel to Albuquerque this year and attend the TAPR Digital Communications Conference.

In previous years, Gary KN4AQ from HamRadioNow has recorded this conference, but he has stepped back from recording Ham Radio videos.  So this year, I have scheduled a trip to ABQ to record these videos with plans to later post them to my YouTube channel.

The below video, along with the following link, is my Kickstarter Campaign that I’ve launched in order to pay for costs, that will allow me to post these videos later on.  I’d appreciate any help that you, the viewer, can provide.  This will enable me to promote this video series, post some great new videos to this channel, and open future opportunities for more videos of this type.

Kickstart Campaign

ARRL Announcement about this initiative


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Episode 144: Debut of the Hytera AR482G DMR HT

A special thanks to Terry, NX7R, for loaning me this radio to test.  You can find the Hytera AR482G  and other radios at his website – www.TTGCommunications.com

This Hytera radio is made for Amateur use, unlike lots of the commercial-grade DMR radios out there today.  This radio is along the quality of Motorola, Tair and Harris.  It is monoband and lacking a few features that the Chinese DMR radios currently have, but the audio and programming quality is second-to-none.  Check the video below for a test-drive.


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Episode 143: FCC Emcomm Forum from Hamvention 2018

This was the only forum that I recorded at this year’s Dayton Hamvention.  Bart, N3GQ, allowed me to record this video and it provided some good insight on Emergency Communications information from the perspective of the FCC and other governmental agencies.  It is well worth watching.

The audience was offered a microphone for questions, but most of them didn’t use it, so the audio from the audience is hard to hear.  But the presenters do a good job of explaining questions and answers, and you should be able to follow along.  For future videos, this is something I will have to watch more carefully for.


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Episode 142: RadioID.net Updates with VE9GLN

With the recent update of RadioID.net and Ham-digital.org to take over the DMR Subscriber database from DMR-MARC, I thought it would be a good idea to get an interview with the owner of the site, and some insight into what has been transitioned, how the current system works, and what we can expect to see in the future.

Glen Bizeau, VE9GLN, has been handling DMR subscriber and Repeater registration on the DMR-MARC website for some time, and is now handling it from another website at RadioID.net.  Glen will tell us about some upcoming changes to the site, and some additions such as NXDN and Capacity Plus registration.


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Episode 141: Hamcom 2018

HAMCOM is one of my favorite shows each year. It is the ARRL West Gulf Division Convention and it takes places in my home-area. This year they moved back to East Plano, where it used to be held several years ago, and the ticket sales showed tremendous growth. Take a look at this video and let me know what you think – I think we’re going to see a large increase in Hamcom activity over the next few years.  


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