Episode 120: Interview with Cale Nelson, K4CDN, from HamRadio360

Today I get the priveledge of interviewing Cale Nelson, K4CDN, from the HamRadio360 Podcast. We talk about the brief hiatus that he took from podcasting, when he is planning to start-up again, and where he sees the podcast going for the future.

You can find the HamRadio360 podcast at their website, or on iTunes.  In January, Cale will be starting up his bi-weekly Podcast again, so be sure to watch the website and subscribe on iTunes!


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Episode 118: Ailuance HD-1 Dual Band DMR Debut

Ailuance HD-1

A little bit later to the show, the Ailuance (however you pronounce this name) has a new HT that isn’t like the others.

Everyone knows about the TYT MD-2017 and Retevis RT-82 radios, which are essentially the same.  Anytone is also coming strong onto the scene with its AT-D868UV Dual Band HT, which is probably a contender for the top-spot of dual band DMR HTs.

Unlike the TYT/Retevis models, the HD-1 allows for easier FPP (front panel programming).  Yes, the TYT/Retevis version will also allow you to FPP, but with the HD-1, there are fewer steps, and fewer menus.  It is just plain easier, in my opinion.

In this video, I go through and program the HT, all without a computer hookup at all.  The issue is dual-receive is still in question, and will be discussed in one of my next episodes.



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Episode 117: Retevis RT-82, TYT MD-2017, and TyToolz Firmware

In this Episode: Retevis RT-82, TYT MD-2017, and TyToolz Firmware

First, I announce the Winner of the BridgeCom BCH-270 handheld radio from Episode 113

Second, I’ve been wanting to do a comparison video for a while between the TYT MD2017 and the Retevis RT-82 dual band DMR HTs, which are essentially the same radio. They both take the same CPS, cable and codeplug, but there are minor hardware differences between them.

Finally, I had the privilege to debut the newest version of the TyToolz from KG5RKI for the dual band DMR HTs.

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Episode 116: Main Trading Company Homecoming 2017

Main Trading Company Homecoming 2017

I’ll be posting this video in 3 parts –

Part 1: These Road-Trip videos have been very well received, so far – I’ve gather lots of good feedback about the last few vids I’ve done On The Road. I decided to break-up this video into 3 parts, due to length. This is The Passage to Paris, my Road Trip video while driving from Grapevine to Paris, TX for the MTC Homecoming 2017

Part 2: Interviews with Richard from MTC and Emmett from Radiowaves, along with shots of the festivities and some drone footage.

Part 3: The final prize-drawing ceremony and the winner of a brand new Icom IC-7610 HF Rig.



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Episode 115: Bound for Belton 2: Texas Nexus and MJARS 220 QSOs

Another “on the road” video, once again driving down to the Belton HamExpo, the only Hamfest in Texas to support 2 shows each year. This is a great tailgate event that is enjoyed by many in this area.

On this trip, I get to catch up with a few guys from the MJARS club on their newly updated 220MHz BridgeCom Repeater, and I also have a few QSOs on the Texas Nexus WIRESx room with Yaesu System Fusion.

The Texas Nexus room, which I have used only a few times, is comprised of Yaesu System Fusion repeaters, many of which are running in digital-only model, all connected to a single WIRESx “room” called The Texas Nexus.  “Rooms” in WIRESx are similar to Talkgroups in DMR and Reflectors in DSTAR.

On this trip, I was able to change repeaters only twice, and talk in the same Room to all the same folks, during my 2-hour trek from Grapevine to Belton.  A very nice system.

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