Episode 90: DMR 101 (Greater Houston Hamfest Forum)

DMR 101

This is a Forum on DMR that I have given previously, and posted on this series, but it has evolved over time. 聽I wanted to record the latest version and call it “DMR 101” because I plan to record another episode soon which I will title “DMR 201”, so that I can talk to an audience that is experienced with DMR. 聽DMR is growing rapidly, and it is the most active all-digital mode in Amateur Radio today. 聽You really can’t have too many videos about it 馃槈

Comments are welcome. 聽A special thanks to the folks down at the Greater Houston Hamfest, who allowed me to present this forum and record it. 聽I’m looking forward to attending that show again next year.


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Episode 89: Unboxing the QYT KT7900D Quad-Band Mini-Mobile Radio

QYT KT7900D Quad Band Mini-Mobile Radio

I found this KT7900D radio on one of the Facebook groups that talks about Chinese radios for Amateur use. 聽At first, I thought it was just a dual-band with 220MHz receive, but when I inquired about it on this same Facebook group, I was told that it would transmit on 220. 聽When I read this, I had to get one and try it – I am always on the look-out for new 220 gear.

This radio is only about $88 from Amazon. 聽It transmits about 20 watts on each band, high power. 聽The sound quality is alright, not fantastic, and the mic is very hot. 聽Take a look at the video and let me know what you think. 聽Honestly, for the price of the radio, I think it is worth it.


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Episode 88: Debut of the TDR-6100 Mobile DMR Radio

Texas Digital Radio TDR-6100

Texas Digital Radio is the newest 45-watt UHF Mobile DMR Radio on the market. 聽Information from this website will tell you about all the features of the radio, plus some options that aren’t available on other DMR radios, currently.

Every time a new DMR radio is released, I like to be there to test it. 聽This one was very enjoyable. 聽In fact, I plan to put my test model in one of my cars upcoming, and use it on a daily basis. 聽I’ll be doing an episode later on with the mobile setup, so you will see this radio again, soon.

For anyone interested in purchasing this transceiver, you can find it at the Main Trading Company website. 聽A direct link to the radio page is here.

This radio is currently only monoband UHF or VHF, but they are working on a dual band version. 聽Hopefully we will see several dual band DMR radios by the time Dayton is here.


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Episode 87: Dallas ARC AREDN-in-the-Park, Part 1


AREDN: Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network. 聽I’ve done two episodes, so far, about the AREDN MESH firmware. 聽The first one was Episode聽47聽from the 2016 Dallas HamCom, where the developers of the firmware themselves give a presentation on what their firmware can do, and how it was developed. 聽My second presentation was Episode 76, where I demonstrate how to setup the AREDN firmware on a brand new Ubiquiti NanoStation, right out of the box. 聽Episode 78聽was also a presentation from the Cowtown Hamfest in Ft. Worth that talked about AREDN MESH.

The Dallas Amateur Radio Club posted on their Facebook page about setting up temporary nodes in a local park, and I saw the post about 2 days prior to the event. 聽I contacted a couple of the folks I know in that club, and they agreed to let me come out and do some video that day. 聽The video is short, and it is only Part 1, since the DARC guys do these AREDN-in-the-Park events every couple of months. 聽But it demonstrates how to easily setup a node, connect to the node wirelessly, and how simple the nodes all connect to one another, and to other nodes that might be in the area.

MESH Networking is really taking off in my home area. 聽Denton County, Dallas County, and Johnson County all have some robust networks up, and are constantly adding nodes to the networks. 聽Expect to see more episodes upcoming in this series, including where I deploy my own node at home and connect to the existing network in Grapevine.


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Episode 86: Comparing the RFinder H1 and M1 Devices

Comparing the RFinder H1 and M1 Devices

In Episode 70 I did a review of the RFinder H1 device. 聽Since then, I picked up the newer model, called the M1. 聽In this episode, I show both radios and talk about the differences. 聽You can see the size comparison of the two radios, and the screens of each, and I will do a DMR QSO on the new M1 device.

This RFinder M1 is now my daily carry smartphone. 聽I really do enjoy using it as both a phone and a two-radio UHF radio to talk on local analog repeaters, my backyard DMR repeater, and my DMR hotspots.

Find the RFinder devices at www.AndroidDMR.com

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Episode 85: Unboxing the TYT TH-8600 Mini-Mobile Radio

TYT TH-8600 Mini-Mobile Radio

TYT’s newest release in their analog world is the TH-8600 Mini-Mobile radio, rated at 25-watts on VHF and 20-watts on UHF. 聽In this video, I show the radio’s size, put it on the bench to go through the menus, and we do some power testing on both bands.

These radios are getting popular with more of them coming from more companies. 聽TYT is pretty well-known, and with the large color screen that this model has, I’m guessing it will be a popular radio.

Purchase the TH-8600 here

Purchase the DMR T-shirt I am wearing in this video here

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