Episode 60: RFinder Android HT – An Interview with Bob Greenberg W2CYK

RFinder Android HT, or the AndroidDMR Radio

RFinder Ham Radio 2.0

RFinder, the Worldwide Repeater Directory, which is available for download on both the Android an iOS Smartphone platforms, has developed a new device that incorporates an Android phone, 2-way handheld radio with analog and DMR, and their repeater finder app.  Put all of this together and you have the RFinder Android HT, or the AndroidDMR Radio.

I had the privilege of interviewing Bob Greenberg, W2CYK, who was the founder and author of the original RFinder smartphone app.  When I learned about this cool new device and what it could do, I ordered one as soon as the page had them available.  I was order #4 out of a total of 30 units.  I haven’t received the device yet, at the time of this posting, so once I do, expect another video.  But today we get to see Bob in a Skype interview and hear about how he came up with the idea for the RFinder app, and also about the new AndroidDMR device itself.

It is about time someone did an Android-powered handheld, in my opinion.  I’ve been waiting for the Alianza DxB for about 2 years now.  After having a Kickstarter program that didn’t complete, it seems the project has created a really fancy website, but little else.  After 2-years of waiting, all I can do on their new website is still “reserve” one of their devices for pre-order.

Enter the RFinder device, which will not only do Analog, but also DMR – and have point-and-click programming.  Take the AndroidDMR HT with you on trips, use the GPS to find a repeater, click on it to load it into the device and key-up.  DONE.  No programming required.  What a great idea.

This is gonna be fun.  Watch the interview for more details….


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  1. Joe Lalumia says:

    Jason, very interesting podcast– thank you.


  2. David says:

    It can’t be just me – the most recent episodes (60 and 61) won’t download for me using BeyondPod, or direct from the webpage. Via the website, here’s the error message:

    404. That’s an error.
    The requested URL /host0B8H4btOW2sWZTHJnbEtQU1RQVm8 was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

    I hope this can be fixed soon – I do enjoy the podcast.


    • kc5hwb says:

      It is NOT just you. I was using Google Drive to host my audio podcast files, and they recently stopped supporting this action. So I am currently looking for a new podcast host. Stay tuned, I will have it back up soon.


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