Episode 39: Unboxing The Leixen Note 25-watt Handheld

Leixen Note

The Leixen Note 25-watt Handheld radio is the first of its kind.  A 25-watt HT with a 14″ radio isn’t exactly something you would want to key-up next to your face, so I did some testing on all 3 power levels, sometimes with an external antenna or a dummy load.  I think you will be impressed with the results of this test.

This radio is about the size of a Motorola HT-1000 or a Radio Shack HTX-202.  It is much larger than any other HT that has come out of China.

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  1. Ed Salsbury says:

    thx for the review, I know John Miklor’s review had this radio at 24-25 watts, wow, I dont understand how you tested at 45?? Sure that test meter is calibrated? you must have got one made on a Wednesday, LOL

    • kc5hwb says:

      I agree, LOL. Yes the meter is calibrated. You will see the same meter used in several videos, including Episode 42, which will post this weekend – AFTER the Leixen radio was tested.
      I am sure I just got a fluke radio – I doubt all of them will perform like this… but yes, it is actually pushing that much power. Strange.

  2. Alan L. Janover says:

    Hi there,

    After watching this video, there’s one thing that comes to mind… RTFM!

    73 and take care,

    Alan – N2DRO

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